Soft Machine + Robert Hirst and the Big Taste + Hamilton and the Movement

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Friday December 8th, 1967

Soft Machine brought together the talents of Robert Wyatt, Kevin Ayers, Daevid Allen and Mike Ratledge, and was formed in Canterbury in 1966. At the time they were considered to be part of what was called the underground band scene. They were briefly joined by Andy Summers (later played guitar for the Police) and enjoyed great success in Europe. Soft Machine accompanied Jimi Hendrix on his 1968 US tour.

Robert Hirst and the Big Taste put out singles “Show Me” and “You Got Me Humming” in 1967. They signed to Polydor Records and played a number of shows at universities and colleges in the UK.

Hamilton and the Hamilton Movement formed in the St John’s Wood/Chalk Farm area in north London in 1962. They released tracks, “Really Saying Something” and “I Won’t See You Tonight”, and briefly toured with the Who.

20 x 30 inches

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