The Tinkers + Alex Campbell + John Martyn + The Don Rendell - Ian Carr Quintet

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Tuesday April 29th, and Thursday May 1st, 1969

The Tinkers were a well-known traditional Folk group.

Alex Campbell was a Glaswegian folk singer and storyteller who has been considered one of the most influential touring folk musicians of the 1950s and 60s. He had an eclectic repertoire. He was also known as ‘Big Daddy’.

John Martyn was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist extraordinaire. His Solid Air is considered a defining album of the 1970s.

The Don Rendell (tenor saxophone) and Ian Carr (trumpet/flugelhorn) joined in 1963 and won numerous jazz awards. Noted for their Phase III and Change Is albums. They also notably accompanied Billie Holiday on her UK tour.

20 x 30 inches

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